Nomura - Tetsujin No.2

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Whenever I find a robot or spacetoy I always want to know the story behind it. For someone who lives in Japan the Tetsujin, astroboy scene must be pretty clear but not to us outside Japan :-)  I found some interesting info about Tetsujin:

Tetsujin 28-gō (鉄人28号 Tetsujin Nijūhachi-gō?, literally "Iron Man #28") is a 1956 manga written and illustrated by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who also created Giant Robo. The series centred on the adventures of a young boy named Shotaro Kaneda, who controlled a giant robot named Tetsujin 28, built by his late father.

The manga was later adapted into four anime TV series, the first in 1963. It was the first Japanese series to feature a giant robot. The 1963 series was later released in America as Gigantor. A live action motion picture with heavy use of computer generated graphics was produced in Japan in 2005.

Looks like Tetsujin was and still is VERY popular in Japan but also getting more and more interest outside the country.

Back to the robot now. Its build by Nomura in Japan in the sixties. The robot is mainly made out of lithographed tin except the head which is made out of plastic. Its funny to see how the molds of Mechanized robby the robot were used to build this toy. the bodystampings, arms and legs are exactly the same.  The robot walks just like robby and his eyes flash, great and inpressive robot to seen in action. 

The condition of this Tetsujin No. 2 is mint and the robot has never been played with. It comes with the original box which is in good condition but suffered from direct sunlight and showes some discoloring on the toplid.

The box is complete and all original and the artwork is fantastic. The box has some light storagewear.

A very scarce toy from Japan that is not often found outside Japan in this condition.
Hard to improve on.

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