Yonezawa - Mechanic Robot

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This robot was always one of my favorites but I was not able to find a mint example untill last month. Finally I was able to lay my hands on a boxed mint unplayed example. This Mechanic Robot was build in the early 1980`s by Yonezawa in Japan. The robot was made in small quantities. It a somewhat strange robot with a great head and wonderfull action in his chest. NO big guns like usual but spinning gears and a great lightshow, it looks like a sort of kaleidoscope, very special and an action you will not find in any other robot.

I can be pretty short about the condition, mint robot in mint box. The robot comes with all the inserts and has never been played with. It nicely spent its whole life in its box and yes, that is what we collectors are looking for :) Of course the robot works strong with all the actions, lights, spinning gears and walking action.

Allthough the robot is " pretty young " its mostly build out of Tin. A very popular but hard to find robot in this condition. They show up on occasion but not often in mint condition with ditto box.

A scarce robot in this condition that never needs to be upgraded ever !!