Nomura - Mobile Space TV Unit with Trailer

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Nomura - Mobile Space TV Unit with Trailer

Made by Nomura for Rosko in the early 1960`s in Japan. This is a much searched for spacetoy and I understand why. Its not a saucer, not a rocket, tracktor or whatever but a ehhhhh a Unit :). There are not much spacetoys that I am aware of that have the batterycompartment seperated from the toy ( RendezVous 7.8 ) has it also by the way.

This toy was made in 2 variations. There is also a variation with a green astronaut, which is the earlier version by the way. In action the Unit moves around with Mystery Bump and Go action, the cameralensen rotate, and there is a spacescene rotating in the camera. The trailer follows the unit which is very handy because it carries the batteries, there is an antenna on top that rotates. The litho is really beautifull and also that makes this a very popular and much searched for spacetoy.

The condition is excellent to near mint and the toy is complete and in full working condition. Even the original track are present and in perfect condition. The box is excellent, all original and makes this an unbeatable combination. Not much seen around and hard to find in this condition with original box.

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