China - Toy Story 3 Flying Saucer

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When I was on vacation in France this year I was taking petrol at a shell station. When I wanted to pay, my eye fell on a flying saucer or at least a picture of it.
" With a full tank of petrol you can buy one for only 2 Euro " the lady behind the desk told me nicely in French, " but they are sold out "  Shit !!!

I had to stop at 2 other stations before I was able to pick one up :)
a buzz for my son, a jessie for my daughter and for daddy a Flying Saucer for his collection :)

So here it is... not vintage though but you will pay topdollars for this one in about 100 years :)

Its a wind-up saucer by the way with.... tadaaaa NON - FALL Action, Yes sir !!! 
Funny detail by the way: I have seen the movie, Toystory 3, several times now but I can not remember I have seen the saucer.

And ehhhh the saucer is NOT for sale, just pick one up at your nearest Shell Station :)