AmarToy Dehli - Indian Space Scout AT-11

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One of my favorite spacetoys is the Yanoman Space Scout S-17. The combination of the color, the shape and the action makes this a toy that is ranked into my top 3 spacetoys.....

I must not be the only one that liked the spacescout because it seems that there were people in India that loved this toy too, in fact soo much that they copied the toy and gave it its own name: INDIAN SCOUT AT-11, wow great !! :)
The scout was made in India by Amartoy in Dehli in the very early 1960`s and is copy of the famous Yanoman Space Scout S-17.

 Allthough it looks like the Indian scout was made on the same molds as the S-17 its not. The Indian version is slighty smaller and it does not have the rotating antenna.  The litho is also different, the batterybox is not tinmade but plastic and the closer you look and keep looking there are other different things to discover.

Clear is that the India was not THAT good in making tin toys. The bodypressing is not sharp and there are parts where tin should be but its simply not there... the quality can not match the Japanese.

When I bought this toy it really looked terrible and was covered with 30 years of indian Dust. The scout did not work and I had to open him to make him functional again. Good thing was that the scout was never opened before so everything inside was still original. I discovered the remains of a spidernest, a species that is not common for europe, Jaks... :)

After removing all the dust, spiders etc I found out some wires had loose soldering, replaced a few very bad wires, made new soldering and toggeled the engine a bit to make it run again. The indian space scout came back to life after maybe 30 years or more never ligthed up again.

I also had to replace the bulb in the gun but that was about it.
after some tweaking the Indian Scout was ready to save the universe again and protect us from aliens :)

I just love this kind of toys that come with a story. The condition of this Indian Scout is very good. After cleaning the litho and attaching the rear fins again, There was a nice example of this rare scout.
The condition of the litho is very good but it suffered from the years AND the fact that india was just not that good in making lithographed tin toys. The toy is still all original and there are no cracks to both the domes. AND>... the scout works perfectly again with mystery bump and go, gun that fires, ratatata sound and a dome in front with mystery light from the nuclear engine :-)

I guess it can do WARP 5 again :-)

Yes the scout is missing the box, never saw a box for this toy by the way, so I have no idea how it looks like.

What i DO know is that its a very very rare and very scarce toy that you will not find again easilly in ANY condition.

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