Alps - Missile Robot

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This Missile robot is part of the famous: "Alps, Gang of Three"  robots and is the most scarce one of the three. The other 2 members are Rocketman in Space Armor and Moon Explorer. Together they form the famous gang of Alps Robots. 

Its pretty clear why this Missile robot is the most scarce one. The robot has a very complex mechanism to reveil its rockets. This very advanced system is fragile and ist mostly not working anymore on these robots.  This rare and scarce robot was build in Japan in 1965 by Alps. In action this robot walks forwards, stops and then it happends. His chestplate folds open and 5 BIG rockets come out. When you see him in action you ask yourself... ehhh where does he leave those big rockets ? .... well in its chest of course. A clever mechanism push them out. The antenna on top of his head is the on/off switch. The robot fires its guns with spacesound and lights. When he is done, the rockets slides back into his chest and he walks forward again.

The condition of this robot is excellent. There is normal playwear throughout the robot. He works perfectly with all the actions, lights and sound. There are minor scratches and some factory touchup at his back ( under the batterycover. ) Batterycompartment is clean.
Also the antenna is original, There is no box, sorry.

Missile Robot is the most rare and scarce robot Alps ever build.
You will not see them often in the open market and even harder to find in working condition. 

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