Yanoman - Space Traveling Monkey

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I have seen many spacetoys and robots during the years but I never expected to find an escaped monkey from the planet of the apes :-)
This friendly monkey simply packed his bags and left the planet, many many years agoo :-)
I found this monkey in Austria on a flea Market. I have searched the web allready but was not able to find any information on this robot.
Never saw it before in the open market, not on auctions or catalogs...
This rare monkey was build by Yanoman in Japan at the end of the 1960`s, probably 1969 or something like that. When you look at the original box
you will see the landing module so it must be in that timeframe.

This monkey robot has great actions. when you turn him on he walks away dragging 2 heavy suitcases with him. They are Really heave because
they contain both a BIG battery :)
The action is really well made because it looks like he really drags the suitcases behind him. But thats not all, hey its not just a robot
trying to destroy but a monkey so suddenly he stops and tumble over several times, Really great action.
When he is done he walks forward again dragging the suitcases. GREAT action.

The condition of this Space Monkey is excellent to near mint. The robot is complete, no broken parts, the batterycompartment is clean and the monkey even
brought its original box with him.

A very rare space robot with the orignal box in perfect working order that you will not see again soon in the open market.
Very rare and scarce toy, in excellent condition, hard to improve on.

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