Horikawa - New Fighting Robot

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Horikawa - New Fighting Robot 

I once sold a spacetoys that was called " NEW FLYING SAUCER"  a bidder on that toy emailed me: " how dare you to sell this old spacetoy for NEW  :-) "   I explained that bidder that it was not a new toy but that the toy was just called NEW Flying saucer.
Same as with this great robot, NEW Fighting Robot. It was build by Horikawa in Japan during the late 1960 and is the most rare and scace robot in this series.

New Fighting Robot was the last Horikawa build and you can see clearly its a result of a quick search through old stock parts. the head is pretty common as are the legs, the arms are from the busy cart robot and the guns from a plastic variation. Only thing new designed was the tin shell. but the result is nevertheless a GREAT robot in an awesome box. In action the robot walks forward. He stops and then he fires his guns. There is no light underneath his yellow dome. The robot was taken apart when I got him and therefore I can tell.... there just never was a lightbulb installed there.
Also the mechanism to fire the guns is totally different then other horikawa robots. There is a knob that simply  push the guns forward, a spring pulls it simply back. A cost reduced build robot for sure !!

This one comes from the UK. The robot was only been played with once and was put asside with the batteries left inside...
The leaking caused damage to the contact, a bit to the edge of the batterycompartment and some to the frontpanel litho of the robot, a pitty for sure.

The condition of this robot excellent. As explained here above the robot was not much been played with and put asside with the batteries inside.
The leaking batteries did some damage to the edges of the batterycompartment and corroded a bit on the inside of the batterydoor.
Also the frontpanels litho suffered a bit from these leaking batteries.
Overall the robot is really in a very nice condition and works fine and strong. Accompanied by its original box in excellent condition as well.

The hardest Horikawa robot and box to find in this series... Rare Robot and beautifull box ! :)

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