Modern Toys - Radicon Robot Box

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"Dad"  ( my 7 year old son ) " can i use that old box to play with ?, I want to put my buzz lightyear in it" 

ME:  " ehhhh perhaps that is not a good idea, let me get you an other box for you buzz lightyear"

My son: " Ok dad, thanks "

This is just a conversation that happends all the time at my place. Also other people dont , wont and can never understand the value of just an old box, yes... a few pieces of old paper, put together with some stapels.
This reminds me of the words of a famous collector who once said:

" There are 2 kind of people in life... those who collect and those who doesnt. I dont know who can be happier in life !! "

I have the answer: those who collect !! who else could sit in a chair and look to an old empty toybox ?? or even better, call their robotfriends in the middle of the night and let them have a look too. !
I know you collectors have allready seen this beauty. An 100 % original and near mint box for a Radicon Robot, complete with the original inserts, top and bottom. Again it came from an old toyshop in Italy ( sorry Dirk :-)

I kept the robot for myself by the way, a mint Radicon with original antenna and ditto remote. You will see it appear later on this website

I will sell the box. To valuable to store on the attic, no room to display and since my other gangmembers are boxless too, I see no reason to keep this box.

I am SURE you will not see this box ever again in this condition.
A perfect addition to your radicon robot.

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