Modern Toys - MR-45 Missile Robot

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The skirted gang of five robots that modern toys build in the fifties were and still are very impressive and relative big robots. Years, many years later modern toys again made an impressive robot in the same size called: Missile Robot MR-45. The robot was build in the early 1970`s and has actions I have never seen on toyrobots ever. Build in Japan by the famous Masudaya ( Modern Toys ) factories.

This big robot has been totally made out of quality plastic and comes with a BIG rocketlaunching system that is able to fire 4 rockets with a rotating gun, WOW. The gun can ALSO be adjusted up and down to aim, and the robots body can be turned left and right to fire the rockets exactly in the right direction. Oh.... and the robot can even walk too.

All actions are controlled by a remote that holds 3 big battaries. The functions are: walk, aim, fire and rotate.
The boxart of this robot is a mixture of old and new art, plz take a look at the pictures and you can see what I mean.

The condition of this robot is new and the robot has never been played with ( not other than a few shots by me and my son :)
The robot is complete, and..... he works perfectly with ALL the actions and let me assure you... you will have a HELL of job to find this robot in 100 % working order.... almost impossible.

Missile Robot MR-45 in this new condition with original box, inserts and SIX rockets ( yes it came originally with 2 spares ) is impossible to ever upgrade !

A very very hard to find robot in this condition.

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