Horikawa - Space Fighter

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THIS.... is a really rare robot. Its not like all the other Horikawa`s in many ways. First there is a somewhat dull shape of this robot, second he has the red fly eyes that are normally only found on Japanese versions, third the colors with the white doors are out of this world but what makes this a really rare robot is the action because in action the robot not only walks forward, shoot its guns but the robot goes UP and DOWN in action.. WOW........

In all those years I have seen them on occasion but never was able to grab one untill last month... and its a great find. This robot was made in Japan by Horikawa and is partly made out of tin and plastic.
Produced in the late 1960`s and maybe even in the early 1970`s but I am not sure about that because not much information can be found about this one. The robot seems to share some parts of the Roto Robot, the arms, bodyparts, legs and feet seems to be the same.

The robot is near mint to mint and seems to be never played with. Works perfectly wiht all the actions. The box is original, complete and has no tears but it looks like the box suffered from some waterdamage somewhere in its life. Still great to see the strange use of coloring, pink / purple....not really colors you would expect on robot boxes.

Horikawa Space Fighter is a rare robot that you not see around much and sureley not in this condition. Hard to find robot that will fit PERFECTLY in any robot collection !! :-)

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