Cragstan - Rotor Robot

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Not every great robot comes from Japan and this Rotor Robot is a very good example of early HongKong Plastic Toymaking. Build in the early 1970`s in several colorvariation. I believe these robots were also made in Mexico by the way. When, yes I say it again... when these robots work the action must have been great. Walking action, spinning eyes, rotating feet, spacesound and moving arms, wow and all of that in a plastic robot :)

Unfortunately the robot is not working. I opened the robot which is pretty easy because you can remove the screws. Everything is intact and the motor works perfectly but the gear on the motor has been cracked and must be replaced. the robot will be fully functional again then because everyting else is intact.
I will leave this to the new owner to decide to repair this robot or not. You have to take the whole robot apart to reach that little gear. I will include a gear of you want to repair it yourself but I simply dont have the time to take the whole robot apart.

Now for the GOOD news... The robot is complete and is FREE of any crack or damage ! Clean batterycompartment. Its one of the best examples I have EVER seen in years. The robot is complete and undamaged with bright colors, in excellent condition.

These are very hard to find and you will have a hard job to upgrade this one. I found this one in the UK by the way where it was sold by a boy who sold his childhood toys...

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