China - Universe Boat ME 767

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Somethimes even I dont recognize the rare toys anymore, I have no idea why this happends but i had this toy for quite a long time untill my friend Martijn asked me about it. I took it from the shelves and made some pictures and then I understood what he meant...This Universe boat ME 767 IS a rare and scarce spacetoy, take a look at the box !!! This boat is made in China in the mid sixties and belongs to the chinese toy series made those days that were made with love and quality tin and plastic parts.

There is really not that much difference in quality and design between this chinese toy and the japanese...

This Universe boat was copied many times later on and came in about the same version with different boxes but never so beautifull anymore as this example, the " mother" of universe boats :) !!

The condition is excellent and the boat is all complete and original. It works fine with all the actions, minor playwear, original antenna, and the awesome original box !! The batterycompartment is clean as a whistle. Oh and before I works perfect !

A very rare variation of this common spacetoy. I have never seen it before anywhere in this variation !  a great find for sure and Martijn, thanks for helping me out on this one :)

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