Gakken - Magnar The Magnatrol Robot

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My Robot friend Martijn showed me this robot about a year agoo. He was excited about this robot and I immediateley understood why: This robot is cool and looking great. Produced in Japan by Gakken in the early 1970`s.( Oh its 1971, thanks Martijn :-) This robot is made out of quality plastic and comes with a long stick for control. The ears of the robot are magnetical and are used to control the robot. If you take a look at the pictures you will see what I mean :)

the condition of this robot is near mint, all complete, no broken or missing parts and comes complete with the original box, inserts, stick and antenna.  I think this robot was not the best selling robot those days, its a rare and very scarce robot today.

The robot works fine with all the actions, batterycompartment is clean, no other flaws to mention.

Rare and Scarce robot that you will not see soon again anywhere. Complete and in full working order with original box.

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