Russia - Pogot

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Well, lets face it, my russian is not the best Language, I speak english, french, german, dutch, belgian and some other languages but russian is not one of them :-). I can not come further then POGOT which means robot in russia. 

This russian made robot, maker unknown, is made in, best guess, russia in the late 1960`s but thats my best guess. The robot is powered by a clockwork motor and walks forward in action. also the " artwork " on the box is not as we are used to and is typical for these robots made there.

The condition however is near mint to mint and the robot is new and never played with, works perfectly and comes with the original box.

These robot are very hard to find and you dont see them in the open market, somethimes in auctionhouses.

Rare Robot made in Russia with original box

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