Yonezawa - Mr. Planet with original box

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The first see thru robot I ever owned was one that was made in HongKong. Later I found out that one was just a copy of the original. The Original is made by Yonezawa, yes correct: MR PLANET.

MR PLANET, made by Yonezawa in the mid 1960`s is a robot I never have seen before. The " knock-offs " made later in the seventies in Hongkong are allready scarce robots but this Mr Planet is much much more rare and scarce. The robot is made out of quality plastic ( not the cheap plastic that is used on the later see thru robots ) and has lithoed tinplate inside. In action the robot walks forward with blinking lights, spinning gears and clicking Sound. 

the condition of this robot is near mint and only a small broken piece in the batterycompartment is keeping this one from beeing mint. if you take a good look to the pictures you see a metal tab inside the batterycompartment. That tab has been factory bend but a little too much and this caused a small piece to break throughout the years. The piece is inside the robot but I dont want to open the robot for this small piece. The robot works perfectly and strong with all the actions and I highly suggest you leave it this way.

Surprisingly there is NO batterycover but the robot was manufactured withour one :) ! The batteries just snap into the back and a clever mechanism prevent them from falling out, clever thinkworks from those Japanese :) !

Oh and there is, I almost forgot, a BOX !! WOW. the box is ultra scarce and this will be probably the only example you will ever see in life. The window is still present and the box is all original AND complete !

Yonezawa`s Mr. Planet is one of the rarest early plastic robots made in Japan in the sixties. You will never see this one again !! Promise !

VERY rare and scarce robot in ANY condition !

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