Nomura - Piston Action Robot

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Nomura - Piston Action Robot

This rare golden version of Nomura`s Piston Action Robot ( Also Called: PUG ROBBY ) with black feet was build by Nomura in Japan in the mid 1950`s and is one of the earlier versions of this legendary robot. This is the ultra rare version with horizontal antennas, a golden body and black hands and legs. The story behind this robot is about as crazy and rare as the robot itself and shows again the facinating attraction, travels and survival methods of these vintage tin robots. I went for a vacation in the south of France last year. I went there with my wife, son and daughter and of course my notebook. France is great to be there for a few weeks by tent on a wonderfull
camping along the riverside, just wonderfull.

The second day I tried my computer and connected to the internet and I got an email from Martijn, My Dutch robotfriend and he located a rare robot on a dutch auctionsite. I placed a bid on that
robot ( this golden pug ) and got an email back from a Dutchman with a strange telephonenumber. I called this person with my cellphone from France and found out I was talking to a duchman
who was located in South Africa ! He moved from Amsterdam to South Africa many years agoo. He told me he was sick ( cancer ) and was selling his last belongings and one of the things he always kept was this golden robot he bought many many years agoo in a toyshop in Amsterdam. He told me the robot was not working anymore, missed both hands but was complete and original.
I decided to buy the robot and so this Golden Pug Robby, who started his life in Japan, travelled to Amsterdam, from there to South Africa and now back to the Netherlands.... wow. I can not remember I have made such travels myself :)

When I got back from vacation, the robot was waiting for me and I was surprised by its condition. in played with condition but never been messed with before, original wire and remote, dome without cracks, just a played with robot and it looks for me just how a vintage robot should look like. When I inserted batteries the dome lighted up but that was everything what happend. I spent 3 whole evenings to get the robot back to life WITHOUT opening the robot.
I bought fresh batteries, put power on the robot and started to shake it gently as long as needed for the motor to come back to life and finally, after 3 evenings and patience, the robot came back to life
WOW what a greet feeling to see this Pug come back to life. Pistons worked still and also the ears were still working and spinning around, robot walked fine also, I was excited !

The condition of this Rare Golden Pug Robby Robot is very good. The robot shows normal playwear, plz take a good look at the pictures for the condition. The hands are original but one of the hands is missing a finger. The wire, remote and dome are 100 % original. No rust no dings or any other flaw and the robot still works fine and strong.

A very rare and scarce robot in ANY condition.

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