Yonezawa - Space Scout

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Another "Winky" variation is shown here and the differences are pretty big compared to a Winky :) First the color. the robot is now made in white finish. There is an astronaut inside the robotsuit and the headsection is a helmet now to protect the astronaut but there is more, the robot is not powered anymore by a clockwork mechanism but its powered by a crank handle mechanism. For me this is still the coolest way to power a robot, wind the handle and hear the innerparts come to life, wind it as crazy and off he goes, brilliant action !

This white astronaut was made in 1958 but seems to be not one of the most popular robots those days resulting in scarce robots nowadays. Not many are known. There are 2 variations made, one with a clear faceshield and one with a dark faceshield.

This robot is totally made out of tin by the way and was made in Japan by Yonezawa. Condition is excellent, perfectly working, no flaws to mention. an above average example of this rare and scarce robot that is very hard to find.

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