Horikawa - Sharpshooter Robot

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For me it all started with a variation of this robot, called engine robot. Thats the blue one with the pistons in his belly. I did not realize then that "MY" first robot was made in several variations. One of them is called Sharpshooter Robot, This great black robot with silver doors. I bumped into this variation by accident when I was in the UK. First I could not believe my eyes, I never saw this variation before. Its based on the same platform as the engine robot but with totally different action. This robot walks, opens his doors and starts shooting, great color in black with awesome chrome doors.

Also made in durable plastic that will last at least for many many years, best plastic robots ever build ! strong and durable.

The robot is in near mint condition and I doubt if the robot has ever been played with before. it works perfect and strong and is complete and free of any flaws. It comes with its original box in excellent condition.

A rare variation that I never saw before and never saw afterwards either. 

CFP: Contact me For Price   at   boogo.nl@gmail.com