Yonezawa - Space Car

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Yonezawa Space Car FIRST version WITH original Box !! :-) !!!!!!!!!

Let me first explain some important information about this car. This car was made in TWO variations. The early version ( this one ) does have a static robot and did not come with the vertical fin in the blowing unit. The second variation which had a different blue color, came with the same robot but the robots head turns from left to right. This version came with the vertical fin.

This Robot Space Car, build by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s (1958) is one of the most searched for space toys. It features terrific actions like stop and go action, a Robby like robot behind the steering wheel, flashing lights, a lever which can be used to shift the car into its first gear and a blowing system to keep a  floating satellite in the air that can be adjusted in 2 steps. Please take a look at the great litho and creative building of this awesome space car. Also the artwork on the box is great and imagine you found such a toy under your Christmas tree….WOW

I found this treasure in... surprisingly Brazil some time ago. It was stuck in customs for more than 4 months or so, so i never thought i would ever had it in hands but... surprisingly it showed up here last week on one piece. The box with the toys was opened by customs but no harm done here.

The overall condition of this robot car is excellent and the space car has been gently played with. There is some wear, mostly to the chrome parts. It can be brought back to a shiny state by spending an hour of polishing but i will leave that to decide to the new owner. I personally like the toys in the state i found them in. Only thing I did is cleaning the toy because it was very very dirty.

There is no rust, there are no dings or any other damage or missing parts and the battery compartment is clean.. All the parts, robot, coils etc are original. There is some minor wear on the chrome front bumper and on the chrome knobs that hold the red spoils. For a toy of this age it`s in excellent condition. All functions are in working order and perform as they did 50 years ago.  Well and there is the "CHERRY"  on the cake... This Space Car comes with its ORIGINAL BOX in excellent and all original condition ! A fantastic example of the original box that is really seldom seen with this toy.

only saw this car with its original box in auction ONCE in 1997 !

An extremely scarce and rare combination. You will have a hard job to ever upgrade this combination. 

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