Yonezawa - Smoking Robot Blue variation

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Although these robots sold pretty well in their time, they prove that smoking is not only unhealthy for human beings  but also for robots because not very much have survived time. There are several versions of this great robot build by Marx/Linemar and later directly by Yonezawa in different colors. Colors that I am aware of are green, blue and grey. Later in the 1980`s Yonezawa produced them also in a sort of dark brown color and a darker green color. Also there were made several variations for the box and names differ from smoking spaceman to smoking robot. All boxes had their own terrific artwork that makes this robot so very special. Later in the 1990`s these robots were subject of reproduction and that proves how popular these icons still are.

This example you are looking at is build by Yonezawa and is the scarce and rare BLUE version, and was build in Japan in the early 1960`s. Its pretty easy to determine why these robots were so popular: The Action ! I believe the action of this robot is still one of the best ! The robot walks along with swinging arms. Suddenly he stops, his red eyes start to flash and he produces real smoke out of his mouth with a loud clicking sound. His head section is beautifully lit with a colored dome and besides that, the robot looks AWESOME !

I can be short about the condition of this all original robot.... Near Mint to Mint and so is the original box !!
I have had several examples of this robot but never one in such a prestine condition. You will have a hard job to upgrade this one !!
Of course this robot works perfectly and strong and he even smokes.
If you are every looking for a perfect example of this piece of history then dont look any further, THIS is the one to add to your collection !

Scarce and very hard to find in this condition with original box.

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