Horikawa - Super Robot

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I have something special with this robot. It must be the Robots eyes :). This Super Robot was made in Japan by Horikawa ( SH ) in the early 1970`s, at least that is my best guess because I am not sure about the exact year.
The robot is build out of durable plastic and tin and has the rotate o matic action. Best part of the robot is the lithoed face, its great and makes this robot very special, a different look and I like that.

The condition of this robot is excellent, he works great, no rust, clean batterycompartment and he comes in his original box that has a few tears but is complete and original.

I never saw this robot before in the open market. This is the first one I could find and I came from a collection I bought in Canada.

Hard to find robot, you dont see these too often.

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