Yoshiya - Sparky Robot

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Sparky Robots are very popular in any condition. There are about 4-5 variations made, this one, in grey, gold I believe blue and maybe some others. Where grey is the most common one, this lithoed variation is one of the harder to find ones. Build totally out of Lithographed tin in the late 1950`s in Japan by KO ( Yoshiya )

Several box variations excist. This is the more normal one. There is a box with a man displayed which is very rare.
In action this robot walks forward and sparks come out of his mouth and eyes,  COOL ! :)

The condition of this Sparky is excellent. shows normal playwear and some light scratches here and there. It works perfect and even some sparks are visable from time to time.
The box is original and also in excellent condtion. There is a small hole, cause buy the windup key. Most of these boxes have damage to the toplid because the box is simply too small for the robot, tight fit.

KO Yoshiya Sparky Robot in original box. in the rare lithoed variation. very difficult to find robot with orignal box.

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