Bandai - Giant Robot aka R-Robot

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Bandai was not well known for making robots but they did in fact made an awesome robot in the late sixties. I found this robot in a collection in Canada last year. I never saw this robot before in real so I bought the robot. The previous owner found the box a few months later ( it was stored into an other robots box ) and sended it to me. Pretty cool because these robots are hard to find but even harder with the original box.

This plastic 13.5 inch tall Bandai "R" robot was made in Japan in the late 1960s and is powered via wired remote control and runs on two D-size batteries. The remote has 2 levers. The right powers it forward and backward, and the left makes it turn. “R” robot’s arms and legs move, and its eyes light up and blink when in motion. The robot makes a nice clicking sound and his feet go forward and backwards.

The condition of the robot is excellent to near mint. The robot is all complete and there are no flaws to mention. No broken or missing parts and he still works perfect. Original wired and also the remote is original and in perfect condition. The box is original and complete. It shows some wear but still is an above average example for this robot because not many boxes survived time.

An early Japanese Plastic made robot that does not show up too often in the market.
Hard to find in this excellent working condition with original box.

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