Yanoman - Space Scout S-17

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Yanoman - Space Scout S-17

This beautiful crafted spaceship, made by Yanoman in Japan is one of my personal favorites because of the design, litho and many cute actions. Build in the mid 1960`s (I think its 1964 but still investing the exact year) Yanoman Space Scout S-17 is one of the most attractive battery operated spacetoys that were ever made. It features mystery bump&go action. A pilot/astronaut in control fires his spacegun that is illuminated and produces a loud ra-ta-ta sound. He swings his gun from left to right just to make sure he wont miss an enemey :-)

Not only the actions and litho but also its shape makes this a very attractive spacetoy. In front of this spaceship is a dome that is illuminated with swirling lights from the 'engine' of the ship. At the back there is a rotating antenna. There are 2 versions known, one with a white dome and one version with a red dome.

The condition of this Yanoman Space Scout is very good to excellent. The scout has been played with and it shows some light playwear and a few spots of minor corrosion as shown in the pictures but overall its a fantastic example of this hard to find spacetoy. The antenna is a professional made reproduction by the way.

Space Scout S-17 is a much searched for spacetoy. There is no box for this one.

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