Ne-kur - Ucan Daire UD 012 Flying Saucer

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The Turkish toy company NE-KUR made some decent space toys in the 1970's, mostly knock offs of Japanese toys from the 1960's. The Ucan Daire or UD 012 flying saucer is based on the Nomura X-505 friction saucer. The wings are different as is the spark window but there is no mistaking that cockpit layout and Asian faced pilot. The body pressing is the same as the X-505 but slightly "thicker" or "inflated" almost as if the X-505 could fit snugly inside the UD-012. The blue tint plastic dome is much more substantial than the Nomura saucers. The wheels are a bit larger than the X-505 and this gives the UD-012 more of the illusion of hovering above the table. ( source: Alphadrome )

Well.... this is about all I could find about this flying saucer except that the saucer was made in 2 variations that both shared the same box. This white saucer is known as the most scarce one.

The condition of this flying saucer is mint and it comes in its original mint box. Never played with before, works perfect and strong with sparks.

I never bumped into this saucer before. I had the other more common red variation but never could lay my hands on this white variation. Surprisingly I found this saucer in a toyshop overhere in Holland along with 2 other spacetoys in same mint unplayed condition. You will find them listed here too on my website.

A rare flying saucer, not from Japan or HongKong this time but from Turkey. Rare saucer in a scarce variation. Hard to find saucer.

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