Nomura - Super Space Patrol

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When I found this spacetoy hidden in a closet and forgotten for a very long time I realized how it must have been more then 50 years agoo. You are a kid, walking in a toyshop and you stop with by a shelf and you see this toy and ask your mom and dad: " oh please, can I have that tank " !!  you come home as a little kid with an awesome big box that contains your SUPER SPACE PATROL, WOW !! :)

Every time I have this toy in my hands, I see myself walking in that toyshop more then 50 years agoo, sorry I can not help it :) 

Back to reality now. For this Super Space Patrol, time stood still, that is for sure !  It was made in the early 1960`s in Japan by Nomura. I am aware of a second version of this toy in blue which is more common by the way, but i never saw this toy with its original box. I did a quick research but I could neither find it in latest auctions.

The action of this Space Tank is great. It comes with Mystery bump & Go action, flashing lights and moving guns, very nice and impressive toy to see in action. 

The condition is near mint and only a few small scratches are keeping the toy from beeing mint. The litho is bright and shiny and the toy is all complete and original. Clean batterycompartment, original box in excellent condition, All the original inserts are there,..... I would say you can not go wrong with this one !.

Just try to do a quick search to see if you will find even a picture of this box, you will not succeed. The toy is rare but the box is extremely rare and even more in this condition. You can ask yourself the question... who does have this toy and box in its collection... well ehhhh I think ....nobody !

A very very rare and scarce spacetoy that is all complete and perfectly working. awesome rare box with inserts

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