Yoshiya - Chief Smoky

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This robot shares his body with many several others as you may have noticed. The same skirted body was used for chief robotman, mystery moon man, radical robot, mighty robot and a Mr. Smoky.
wow, lot of robot were made on this popular body :)

For children this robot must have been one of the best and why.... the robot smokes :) This Yoshiya Chief Smoky was made in Japan in the late 1950`s to the early 1960`s and was made in 2 variations that only differ in the name. one is calles Chief Smoky like this one and the other is called Mr. Smoky. In action the robot moves around with mystery bump and go action. a typical KO clicking sound, light in his head flashes and smoke is comming out of his head. a great and legendary robot for sure.

This Chief is in very good to excellent condition. he shows normal playwear with some light scratching. the batterycompartment is clean, no rust. the robot is complete and works fine with all the actions. There is still a very little smoke comming out of his head but the mechanism needs some new smoking oil. The smoking mechanism still works because you can hear it working and you can smell the smoke. For these robots it is normal that they need some new oil after all those years of not beeing used.

Yoshiya Chief Smoky is a very hard to find robot in any condition and they dont show up too often.

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