Bullmark - Ultraman

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Bullmark - Ultraman

A very nice example of this scarce and very rare character toy: ULTRAMAN. I thought I could find some good information on the web but I was wrong... there is simply nothing to find about this tinmade " robot " / Character called Ultraman. The toy is made out of lithographed tin and was made in Japan in the late 1960`s.  In action, Ultraman walks forward powered by a clockwork mechanism.

The condition is excellent. The toy shows only very light playwear.  He works fine and still walks. The head has some discoloring. yellow and red are faded a bit but overall the toy is in fantastic and fully working condition. one of the best i have seen in years !

I found this toy in a small robot and spacetoy collection in Holland. A very nice high end collection and this toy was part of that.

Dont make any mistakes.. this may be the most rare Ultraman variation, made by BULLMARK in Japan. I personally never spotted this toy in the open market.

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