Beijing Toy No. 1 Factory - Space Tank ME-091

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Inspired on the famous Robby the Robot ( from the movie "forbidden planet in 1956) this china made tank made entirely out of tin is a nice and late period spacetoy ( made in 1974 )

This Robby the Robot space tank ME-091 features some cool features. It has of course the famous mystery bump & go action. it also includes a kind of "tv screen" on the back of the tank where all kinds of lights appear. The dome of the robot head is flashing and Robby steers the tank with its flexible arms. This tank comes with it original antenna which is often missing. Also the original box is present. The box is complete but shows a tear in the toplid.

Space Tank ME-091 seems to be never played with and I also know why, its not in working order. This tank has never been messed with before and I decided to leave the repair to the new owner. A nice tin spacetoy that remembers of the earlier Japaneese quality toymaking in the 1950`s, The Golden Age.

Allthough this tank is not made in Japan, its becomming more and more scarce and is much search for by spacetoycollectors.

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