Nomura - Two-Stage Rocket Launching Pad

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Japanese Spacetoys keeps amazing me. When I found this toy in an old but HUGE collection in Italy ( yes, italy is really the country to find these toys ) I was surprised again. The collection is awesome and you will see more toys from that collection popping up here but more about that later. I will call it the MisterNO collection.

Back to this awesome toy now. TAKE A LOOK at the pictures, there is nothing more that I can add when you take a look at the litho....I have seen great lithoed spacetoys but never this beautifull as this one. What even is better is that the action of this toy is maybe even better.
You insert a rocket into the tube, rocketlaucher and the toy starts a countdown. The man in control pushed the levers, lights flash and a beep, beep, beep starts... the beep goes faster and faster and then the rocket is launched. End of action.

The instructions are also on the box and the reason why these toys are so rare these days are written there below !!:
CAUTION: Do not bend over your toy wehn its in operating. 

This toy was taken out of production very quickly. The risk of loosing eyes was simply way to big with this toy. The force that is used to launch the rockets is pretty strong and the allthough the rockets are not sharp. one in the eyes from short distance was enough.

So this is the reason you never see these toys. It was made by Nomura in Japan in the mid fifties by they way.
This condition is near mint, no rust no damage, all original parts and it works like new. Clean batterycompartment. Box is original and in very good condition. There are some tears and a small piece of the box is missing. Still its a miracle this toy even got its original box.
You never see this toy in the open market in this condition. Scarce !