Yonezawa - Space Patrol 2019

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Here is where it all started for vintagespacetoys: Yonezawa Space Patrol 2019 flying saucer.
This flying saucer that looks, with a bit of imagination, just like a swampboat, was made in Japan by Yonezawa in the late 1960`s (1967 to be excact.) It is made out of lithographed tin and plastic and has mystery bump&go action. Under the blue clear dome sits a little astronaut that steers his lightning fast ( the propellor must give the saucer lightspeed for sure:-) flying saucer.

The dome also houses blinking lights and is the base for a HUGE propellor that actually spins. There is real "spacenoise" under the beautifully lithograped deck. The 2 rockets must be handy in outer space if lightspeed is not fast enough.

The strange shaped box is original and has beautifull artwork. Space Patrol 2019 is 100 % original and operates as if it was new. There ar no scratches, rust or dings. This flying saucer is in outstanding mint condition. You wont see these ones around much in complete working condition. There are 2 versions known of this spacesaucer. They differ in the colours of the rear propellor.

This is the version with the YELLOW cover and RED propellor.