Yonezawa - Mechanical Moon Robot aka Ribbonhead Robby

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Yonezawa - Mechanical Moon Robot     aka  Ribbonhead Robby

Made in the early sixties ( 1961 ) by Yonezawa in Japan. This windup Moon Robot is better known as Ribbonhead Robby. The robot is made completely out of tin with a plastic dome. The robot is driven by a strong clockwork mechanism with spraking action and some strange action in his head. Three colored " things " are rotating and give the head a sort of kaleidoscope effect.

I found the robot in Italy on a market in Milano. In fact, a friend of mine located the robot for me.  It had been a while since i saw a nice ribbonhead with original box so I decided to buy this one.

The robot is all original and complete with its original box and inserts. The robot is excellent and shows normal wear that you can expect from these robots. The dome is original but has a small crack at the back. Ears and hands are original and the robot works fine and strong. No sparks as the flint needs replacement but I do not want to open up the robot for this.  The box is excellent as well and shows some tears and small clear tape repairs. with original insert and bottom. Overall a very nice original box with some flaws mentioned here above.

Hard to find robot in this condition, not mint but an above average example of this legendary and much searched for robot.

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