Yonezawa - Moon Patrol 11

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Space Patrol 2019 made by Yonezawa was the saucer I had as a kid and that saucer was the base for this website. You really have to read my story about that saucer on http://vintagespacetoys.com/about.php

I never realized then that 2019 was NOT the only variation. Yes I found the 2 variations with the red and yellow propellor but I never had any idea Yonezawa also made THiS variation... Moon Patrol 11.
I found this example in Italy last summer. It was sold in an old antique shop and again I was surprised.... Unplayed with in ORIGINAL BOX !  wow... lucky me. Have you EVER seen this saucer in the open market before, mint in ditto box, NOT ME. ! :)

The condition is near mint to mint. Unplayed with saucer in original box. Perfectly working. Ultra Rare box, great design

A flying saucer from Japan, Made by Yonezawa. Moon Patrol 11, all in original box. Ultra rare and scarce saucer in this condition. !


CFP:  Contact me For Price    at    boogo.nl@gmail.com