Nomura - Robot Road Construction Roller

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After all those years of collecting you can expect you have seen the most toys and variations but again I was wrong. When I found this toy i needed my friend Martijn again to gather the information
I needed: We were able to find ONE picture of this toy in an auction from about 10 years agoo. No box was ever seen for this one.
The name is: Robot Road Construction Rollor and its made by Nomura in the late fifties. Its made in Japan by Nomura. The roller has some similarities with the robot tracktor. the robot used is exactly the same and also some parts, pistions, handle and seat for the robot are the same but thats about it.

The action and vehicle are totally different. In action the toy.... well let me explain: There is a mechanism underneath the vehicle that can be slight forward and backwards. When put on, the vehicle rolls forward and when the bar in the front hits an object, he goes in reverse. when the bar at the back hits an object, the vehicle is shifted into forward action again. The robot is in control, the lighted pistons pump and the propellor spins to cool the engine. WHAT AN AWESOME TOY !

Exceedingly Rare and Scarce... I think not more than a handfull ever survived. The last and only one was ever seen in an auction MANY years agoo. No information about the box was found.

More surprisingly is the condition of this toy. the previous owner who lives in the USA now,  had it as a child and found the toy back cleaning up the attic last year. I asked him about the box for the Roller but he could not remember he ever had the box, must have been but he just could not remember it. He told me did not played much with the toy because road construction did not really
attrackt him as a child and yes, that is, I think, also the reason why this toy is so scarce these days, it just did not sell very well in the fifties !

Now about the condition. EXCELLENT to NEAR MINT ! there is really NOTHING to mention about this toy, other than the rollers have some scratches.... wow not suprisingly :) The Constructionroller is all original, never messed with before and works PERFECT ! NO doubt about this toy, you can NEVER upgrade this one EVER.... IF you will find one again !

Very rare and very scarce spacetoy from the golden age: NOMURA - Robot Road Construction Roller   made in Japan

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