Marx - Mr. Mercury

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Again we have a MISTER here :) its MR. Mercury made in Japan in the early sixties by Marx. This awesome robot was made in 3 variations, in Gold, blue and a blue variation with plastic arms and a non working headlight.  This Golden one is the most common version.

These robots always come with the same problem: Not working !!
The actions are walking, bending, open and closing the arms. The problem is always the bending. The complex mechanism was to fragile for a childs toy and rough play always ended up in a not working robot.

The condition of this example is excellent. The robot works PERFECT with all the actions and was never messed with before. only flaws to mention are a meltmark in the clear faceshield ( caused by the wire. the plastic of the wire and the faceshield cause a chemical reaction when they are put to eachother for a very long time and thats exaclty what happend with this robot that spent over 30 years in its original box ) and the foampads are simple gone... they were in 10.000 pieces in the box, did not survive the years..

Other than this, the robot is one of the best examples I ever had in my collection, you can not go wrong with this one.
The remote is also original, complete and so is the wire.

The box shows the great artwork and is original but rough BUT... both the inserts are there, cool or what. ( these are always misssing, at least one is )
Plz refer to the pictures for the condition of the box for this robot, still a great box, all original.

A scarce robot and hard to find in full working order with original box and inserts.

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