Yonezawa - Mr Atomic Blue Variation

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Yonezawa - Mr Atomic Blue Variation

For this robot I had to put my arrows towards India.  Not a country where you would expect such a rare and scarce robot but yes, this time I really had to point towards India.

Now is india not known for the best tin toys because the climate is killing for old tin toy robots. The air is to moist and that is exactly what our robots dont like.  many times you see rusted robots from india but mostly in a condition that they can never be safed.... but for THIS robot it was a somewhat different story..

The robot was for sale for quite some time and yes, its rare and scarce and i think its missing in most high end collections.... The robot had, like many others: RUST... I looked to the pictures, again and again and agian and came into contact with the seller.
We negotiated for i think, 5 - 6 weeks and we finally could make it to a deal.

I decided to buy the robot because I was convinced that THIS example could be safed..The robot was, besides the rust in the battery compartment in a very good condition. It was never been messed with before, never opened and even the dome was intact with only a stress crack, could have been there since the robot left the factory.

Of course the damage in the batt box was caused by leaking batteries but besides some serious damage to the batt box, there was no real other damage to the robots body.  the body parts really looked ok and not infected by the indian climate or even the leaking battery.

When the robot arrived here in my workshop I knew the second i unpacked it that i did the right thing. Really a nice example of this legendary blue Mr Atomic with only some damage to the battery box.

The robot was covered in 60 years of real dust and dirt and I think that this was the reason the robot survived the years so very well.
I started to take the robot apart till the last piece and replace the damaged batterybox with a reproduction one from an MTH Mr Atomic.

The size is exactly the same and besides the contacts, there is no real difference between the original and the reproduction one.

The original batterycompartment could not be safed anymore and I decided, with the fine help and input of my facebookgroup, to replace it with the MTH box. The original box stays with the robot and can always be placed back if needed, totally reversable restoration.

I cleaned all the tin, all the plastic parts, revised the complete mechanism and cleaned the motor so that i runs fine and strong again.

It took me 4 days to clean it all, inspect it, and make the mechanism work again. The result is really amazing. 

Out of the dirt and rust was a very very nice BLUE Mr. Atomic reborn again in its full glory. The robot works fine and strong again with mystery bump and go action. " thinking" lights and the famous beep beep sound that is typical for only the BLUE Mr. Atomic

The overall condition is excellent. There is some overal wear and some scattered corrosionspots throughout the robots body. A bit around the edges at the botton and some minor corrosion at the edge of the battery compartment.
The batterycompartment is a replacement from MTH. The original batt box comes with the robot and can always be placed back if that is your choice.

Mr Atomic works fine and strong and is one of the hardest to find robots on this planet, Only a handfull of these Blue ones are known to excist.

Made by Yonezawa ( Japan ) in 1963, made out of tin and battery operated by 2 D-Cell Batteries.
The robot will be accompanied by the MTH box, not original but it comes really close :) and displays awesome !! and besides that, it will keep the robot safe from any other and further corrosion attacks :)

Extremely rare and scarce robot to find in any conditon !

CFP:  Contact me For Price      at      boogo.nl@gmail.com