NGS - Cragstan Ranger Robot

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" Daiya Ranger Robot was made in the late fifties in Japan by Daiya and is one of the greatest plastic robot made in the golden age."

Well... with this line here above I started to describe a similar robot but nothing is what it looks like in old vintage robot land so here we have the exact robot but now "made"  by NGS for Cragstan and its called Cragstan Ranger Robot. Of course its made by Daiya in Japan, subimporter NGS and made for Cragstan USA importer. DIfferent box but exactly the same robot :)

Cragstan Ranger Robot is also a rare and very scarce robot. The reason for this is that the robot is very fragile and simply not many survived hours of beeing played with. Making plastic robots in the fifties was not common because all robots were totally made out of lithographed tin. In action this robot walks forward with Voice Sound ( thats what the box tells
us) but plz dont ask me what it is :). The mechanism is visable in his chest and he puffs smoke and a this all comes with a great robotlightaction.

When you have this robot in hands you understand immediately why only a few survived and why these robots are so hard to find.

The condition of this Cragstan Ranger is excellent. There is a stress crack in the head and a few minor ones in the body but its normal for this robot, I simply never have seen one without these stresscracks.
The robot has original ears, eyes and batterycover. one knob has been reglued ( its mostly missing so its a miracle it was still there )
This Ranger works perfect and still smokes, his light works fine.

Even better is the original box with both inserts. This boxvariation is not as rare as the Daiya box but the condition of this box, along with the inserts and beautifull robot makes it a great find again.

You will have a hard job to upgrade this robot and the box. Ranger Robots are very hard to find in any condition. Rare and scarce robot.

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