Gakken - Asto Robot

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This Robot is called Astro Robot.... at least that is what I always thought. I started my investigation and found something weird: ASTO robot !! ?? ehh was there just an " R " forgotten, I had to find out.

I could not tell for sure untill I found a picture of the box and yes, his name is ASTO Robot ( and not ASTRO ) I Think ( not sure ) that the Gakken Boys just forgot to add the R and left it that way.
Besides the fact the name was misspelled, the robot was never a selling succes. In fact nobody ever realized Gakken did even produce a robot anyway.

The design is absolute unique. A strange shaped robot walking on four shuffling legs, with blinking light in his head and " two Razer Guns ". This is the only robot Gakken produced. Quantities were very small and / or the robot was a terrible selling mistake. you just never see this robot around.

It was my friend Martijn who pointed me to this robot, I would have missed it for sure. An funny detail is the only tinmade part ( smart because this one never breaks ) the batterycover.

The condition of this ASTO Robot is excellent. The robot is in played with condition but is 100 % complete, all original and works fine. No missing or broken parts which is a sort of a miracle when you look at the fragile legs. Plz dont make any mistake here. Asto Robot by Gakken is an incredible Rare and Scarce robot. that is missing in
Anybody`s collection. I only saw this robot in Brussels once in the collection of Xris a few years agoo. Martijn and me allready wondered there: " wow, where does THIS fellow come from, NEVER saw him before " :-)  I can assure you we said that many many times walking around that house there, looking at maybe 2000 + robots :)

A treasure from Japan again ( did I allready mention that ;-) made by Gakken: ASTO Robot, batterypowered by 2 c-cells, just for your information.

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