Bullmark - Mat

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"Mat is Bad". When you look at the first picture you see bad Mat trying to shoot my Tin Mat Robot :) I dont know what it is but again I found a toy robot that I can not remember ever seen before in the
open market. I have seen it once at a big auctionhouse but that was about it.

Mat is a superhero and must have been very popular in Japan. He even has his own television series as shown on one of the sidepanels of the box. Reminds me a bit of the thunderbirds and I think Mat comes from the same timeframe. I always had a weakness for Japanese superhero`s. Astro Boy, Tetsujin and now Mat was added to my Japanese Superhero List. I can tell you in advance.. THIS ROBOT IS FANTASTIC !! Its much much better and impressive then I could ever imagine ! What an outstanding Robot WOW.

MAT is build by Bullmark in Japan in the mid sixties. I am pretty sure he is from 1967, my year of birth so that makes him double special :-) He is 44 years old, just like me hahahahaah.

When I got the robot in hand I knew exactly why these robots are so popular these days, its for the same reason as Nomura`s batman for example... its the detailed face of this robot. It has something special and gives the toy the vintage charm that you will never find on new toys.

The condition of Mat is near mint and only some faded red on top of his helmet is keeping him from higher grading. Mat is complete, all original, has his original tags, belt, and even his original and always
missing gun is present. His batterycompartments are cristal clear ( he takes 2 C-cells by the way and look at the cute batterydoors and " petite " knobs ) what makes this find even better is that Mat is accompanied by his original box WITH inserts ! How much better do you want this robot ! :) The Artwork on the box is fantastic !
The box has some discoloring from the sun but who cares ! look at the artwork on the front and the monsters on the sidepanels. Sure Mat had to fight those creatures. The box also shows a scene from the Television Series.

I always had a weakness for Atom Boy and that will never change but MAT... comes VERY close what a great piece of Japanese History !

Ultra rare and scarce robot. Never shows up in the open Market and hard to find in this condition with original box

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