Nomura - Robot with Piston Action

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This Robot is also called " Pug Robby " and was made in Japan by Nomura in the late fifties. 4 variations were made as far as I am aware of. 2 silver ones with minor variations, one in gold and one in baby blue. The last 2 mentioned have horizontal antennas and the 2 silver variations have one horizontal and one vertical antenna.

The action of this robot is walking forward with pumping pistons and light action in the head under the clear dome. The robot is powered by a remote control that takes 2 C-Cell batteries.

Of course.. this one comes from Italy but was not found in a toyshop this time but it comes from a small collection. When I found the robot it was not working but only the light was working. The "shaking" trick did its job again and about an hour later the robot came back to life :)

The condition is excellent and the robot is in full working order. 100 % complete and original and the only thing missing is the original box. Perfect dome, body and remote, original wire as well and also the hands are original. Stamped Japan between the legs. A great vintage robot made in the fifties, an icon for sure.

These Pug Robbies are not easy to find anymore and are scarce robots in complete, and working condition.

Not a mint example, normally played with but the condition is above average, you will have a hard job to upgrade this one.