Yoshiya - Space Whale Ship

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F.W. Woolworth Company priced this windup toy at $ 0.98  not knowing that this pricetag would stil be at the original box more than 60 years later :-) In fact I dont think the Whale ever left his original box :-) Now, more than 60 years later, the Whale ended up here in Holland on my shelves :-) I found the Whale, along with a Space Dog and an Elephant about a year agoo in the US. The seller decided to get rith of the tin animal toys and luckily the toys all ended up here.

Yoshiya`s ( KO) Space Whale Ship was manufactured in the 1950's by KO, the famous Space Whale Ship is one of the most desired tin wind-up toys ever to be manufactured. Measuring 9" long and 8"
wide from whisker to whisker, the toy moves along swaying up and down as if he were in water. Then all of a sudden the big mouth opens wide and then closes as quickly as it opened. Sparks are visible from behind his head and seen through the red translucent panel. The wind-up mechanism is controlled by the antenna. All this is packed into a really wonderfull tiny tin toy with fantastic Litho. Even better is the artwork on the Box, I dare to state: A piece of Art these days !

The condition of this space whale and the box are near mint to mint. I really doubt if the toy was ever played with before. It works fine with all the actions, no flaws to mention other than the original price that is not actual anymore :) !!

Impossible to ever upgrade ! Very very scarce spacetoy in this condition with original box.

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