ASC - Batmobile

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This friction powered batmobile was made in the mid sixties by ASC in Japan. This is one of the most searched for Batmobiles and I can understand why.. its simply the best looking batmobile ever made ! With Batman behind the steering wheel this car runs around with roaring sound. An impressive car.

The robot was part of a small collection of robots and spacetoys. The car dates back to Denmark surprisingly ( Yes they like batman there as well :)

The condition of this tin made car is excellent. The car looks perfect and does not appear to have been played with a lot. Its complete and all original, no flaws to mention other than a small spot of missing paint on the hood. The wheels have all the original covers, the windshield is there, original and complete and the friction mechanism works fine and strong.

For Batman collectors.. I dont have to explain the scarcity of this rare batmobile..It will probably the only one you will see again in this condition for the next 5 years :)

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