Daiya - Missile Launcher

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This Missile Launcher was made in the early 1960`s by Daiya in Japan. This impressive Vehicle has... YEPS  massive tin tracks, cool or what.
Looking further than you will see "SATAN" written on one of the rockets :-) I never noticed this before untill I had this toy in hands. The launcher was part of a huge collection of robots and spacetoys that I was able to lay my hands on last month. After some touch negotiations I was able to get the collection to the Netherlands. This Missile Launcher was one of the many toys.

The condition is excellent and the Launcher only shows some normal playwear. Its complete and all original. No broken or missing parts and it works fine with all the actions: forward, backwards, lifting rockets and blinking rocketcones in red and blue. No rust no dings and a clean batterycompartment. The launcher works fine and strong. Really an above average example of this very rare and scarce spacetoy

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