Marubishi - Mobil Jet

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"Look for Good Toy"  made in Japan. That is what`s inside the manufacturers Logo :) It took me a while to decrypt the text inside the logo but with some help I found it :) 
Mobil Jet was made in Japan by Marubishi Toy Factory in the early sixties and let me tell you.. its a toy that does not show up too often...or better said... its scarce very scarce. !

I was surprised to find this toy in Italy ( of course... where else does the best toys come from :-) ! It was part of a huge collection with only robots and spacetoys so you will see more appear on this site soon :)

Mobil Jet is friction driven with sparks and 2 moving "flames" in the rear exhaust pipes. The tin yellow astronaut is in control of the spaceship which has 2 very nice flexible antennas as well.

This rare and scarce spacetoy is hard to find, not much were made, the manufacturer is pretty unknown, and the few who survived are mostly broken or incomplete.
This example is excellent and in ful working order. all parts are there, no flaws to mention. Some light playwear is all I could find. I cleaned the toy a bit, wiped off the dust and dirt et... voila, a very nice example of this rare and scarce spacetoy !

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