Daito - Space Ace Fighter

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A superspace hero in an "ordinary" plane :) things must not become more crazy :) !!
Made in Japan by Daito in the mid sixties. This unique and very rare spacetoy is one you will probably never see around again. My Friend from Brussels would call it.." rare like sjiet " which would mean something like: " I MUST have it, no matter what ! " 

I had to call a friend from Sweden ( Thanks Marcus ) for the translation of the box because I could not figure out the translation. The toy is called: Space Ace Fighter.  The plane is decorated with awesome litho and is powered by a clockwork mechanism. Hang it on the ceiling and when wind up, it flies around, very cool spacetoy.

The condition is near mint  and I doubt the toy has ever been played with. Its complete, all original and works fine with all original parts. Even better is the original box..its a miracle that this toy still has it.
An ultra rare and scarce spacetoy from the mid sixties... NEVER saw it before.. its ultra cool !

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