Alps - Missile Robot

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When you see this robot in action you understand immediately why not many of these survived. Its the complex mechanism that was subject of problems with these robots. Alps Missile Robot was made in the early sixties and this robot is part of the legendary "Alps Gang of Three"
Three robots made on the same moldings: Missile Robot, Rocketman in space armor and Moon Rocket.
Missile Robot is the most rare and scarce one of the three and is extremely hard to find in any condition.

The action of this robot is great. The robot walks, then stops and the grey hatch opens, reveiling 5 lighted rockets that extract to their full length..and the moment you see this you can not understand how such long rockets can be housed in the body of the robot, its awesome made !!

The condition of this robot is excellent. Its in full working order allthough the rockets somethimes need a little bit of help to get back inside again but hey... consider the robot is over 50 years of age. :-)
Further there is one tab missing at the bottom and one at the left side of the robot. This does not have any affect on the robot or the actions. The body has been cleaned by the previous owner and could have been restored at some places but both the previouw owner as myself are not sure about this. All parts are original and the plastic batterycompartment has some wear.
Overall the robot is still in excellent condition, all complete and works fine. the antenna is original as well and the robot is accompanied by a very nice handmade reproductionbox.

The most scarce one and very hard to find in this condition. These robots show only up on occasion.

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