Modern Toys - Moon Ship Supersonic

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The most rare one out of this series for sure. Moon Ship Supersonic was made in Japan by Modern Toys in 1964. It was the last one they build on this base and its also the most scarce one these days.

It all started with sonicon rocket and these molds were used for several varation. where the old sonicon rocket is pretty common, this one is not, in fact its the first example I ever had in hands with the original box. I had one before but it was unboxed, this one finally comes with its original box. I found the rocket in Italy a couple of months agoo where it was part of a huge collection with robots and spacetoys.

Moon Ship comes with a whistle system and mystery bump and go action. Its not a spectacular toy to see in action but the litho is great and the box artwork is really beautifull.

The condition is excellent and the toy only shows some light playwear. Batterycompartment is cristal clean and the rocket works fine with all the actions. The box has some tears and some internal tape repairs but its all perfectly done and the box shows perfect the artwork. Make no mistake on this one, its the most hard to find variation and you simply never see this one boxed !

Rare and scarce in any condition ! Hard to find spacetoy

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