Modern Toys - Mystery Action Satelite

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As a flying saucer from the golden age, Cragstan Mystery Action Satellite (manufactured in Japan by Masudaya/Modern toys) is an icon in flying saucer world. There are a few known versions of this bowl shaped saucer. there is a green X-107 (Modern Toys) which is more common, there is a red X-107 ( Modern Toys) ,  that you never see around and this one (Cragstan / Modern Toys)  with 3 astronauts (instead of 2 like the X-107). All sounds maybe a bit confusing but thats about it :-) They all share the same body, actions, lights, screen and rearfin. Only the litho is different. 

This one, Cragstan/Modern Toys is the less common one with three astronauts. (the box, which is by the way a professional replica, on the left side speaks about an "astronut") It features bump&go action, a styrene, fragile astronaut that floats above the saucer and a wide screen, lit from behind showing the astronauts in control of the saucer. There are 2 blinking lights on the left and right, green and red. 

For a toy of this age ( late 1950`s) its in a very good condition. There is no rust, no dings and the Saucer works perfectly. Also the patented blowing mechanism is working great. Unfortunately I dont have the styrene astronaut that floats above the saucer.

The battery compartment is clean. the bottom has some light scratches and a few minor dings. 

Scarce and rare flying saucer in excellent condition.