China - 12000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press ME 651

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12000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press  ME 651  was made in Japan in 1961. I can date this toy back easily because of the extra picture I included :) This picture shows the real thing and you can see immediately why this toy was used at schools to show, tell and explain about the Press. I think this one one of the most detailed tin toys made in the sixties and than you have to realize its not even made in Japan but in China !!

The Chinese proved that they were excellent tin toy builders in the golden age, maybe even better than the Japanese but as not much chinese toys were exported ( read: NONE ) not much showed up outside china those days.

This 12000 Ton Press has won awards and the builder of this toy was personally awarded under Mao`s Government. This toy is a piece of Chineese History and only a few of these toys survived and made it out of China those days. As far as I can remember I never saw this toy in auction, its ultra rare and scarce in any condition.

In action the press goes up and down, while the center lights up, the lights in from show the preasure and on top the "watertank" lights up in green and light while the hydraulics go up and down. a very impressive toy and with all the details and parts its one of the most beautifull tin toys I have ever seen.

The condition of this press is mint in excellent to near mint box. The box has the original insert and... the 2 original batteries are there as well. They are empty of course but the batteries say: leak free and so far this the truth :) they are empty be never leaked ;) the press works as new and to be honnest.. I dont think this one was ever been played with at all. 

Plz enjoy the pictures and I will try to add more information. No doubht about it... the most rare, scrace tin toy from China ever made in awesome complete and all original condition.. you will not see this one again in this condition... EVER !

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